DocEnhance (2020-2022) is a European collaborative project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission, and aims at improving integration of PhD candidates and graduates in the non-academic sector. The main objective of DocEnhance is to enhance transferable skills knowledge and integration into existing PhD programmes by:

  • Developing an employment and innovation-oriented curriculum for PhD programmes
  • Facilitating business-education partnerships
  • Tracking PhD graduate career paths

One key deliverable of DocEnhance is training material in the form of pilot courses, which are openly available to all and which may serve as inspirational models in the development of other PhD courses. Each DocEnhance pilot course contains three modules: Module 1 consists of online resources, Module 2 consists of structured, interdisciplinary, interactive seminars to be organised locally, and Module 3 consists of a cookbook for how PhD candidates can visit and work with relevant structures in the non-academic sector. 

The DocEnhance platform, a key deliverable of the project, will provide a guideline to develop any courses for PhD candidates and graduates about transferable skills and prepare to integrate the non-academic sector.

To read more about the DocEnhance project, please visit the project homepage.

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