In this section, you will learn about why research data management (RDM) is important for science and society, and why good research data management is beneficial to you as a junior researcher. You will also get an introduction to some basic RDM concepts that are essential in order to fully benefit from the remainder of this course.

After working through this section, you should be able to:

  • Understand the background and rationale of good research data management (RDM), and its connection to transparency, reproducibility and reuse of science.  
  • Explain why open archiving is put forth as the preferred option, and why in some cases it is not possible.  
  • Explain potential advantages of and barriers to data sharing.
  • Understand requirements on data accessibility issued by relevant funders, institutions, and journals.  
  • Understand the research data management life cycle.
  • Describe the FAIR principles.

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