Why do funders and institutions require that we write data management plans and that we archive our research data with open access? Why do scientific journals require, or at least expect, that we inform peer reviewers and readers of our research papers not only about how to access our data, but also about the methodology we have used when collecting and analysing them? In this video, you will learn the rationale behind these expectations and requirements.

Transcript of video "Transparency and openness"
References used in video "Transparency and openness"

Lessons learned
  • Transparency is a prerequisite for the reproducibility and replicability of our research.  
  • All research can be transparent, but not all research can be fully open – e.g. if data holds sensitive information.
  • Scientific journals, funders, institutions, national governments and non-profit organisations work together to promote a more healthy research and publication system.
  • It is your responsibility as a member of the scholarly community to acquire the competencies and skills necessary to work in line with good research practices.

Food for thought
Are you aware of which requirements and expectations apply to your PhD work with respect to your research data? Be well prepared and check whether your institutional PhD regulations say anything about research data, and whether your institution has issued a policy stating how employees should proceed in their research data management. If you have external funding of your project, check what your funder's requirements are on this matter.
Also check the author guidelines of 2-3 journals within your field, to see what they require from you when you submit a research paper manuscript.

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