Research data management is an integral part of the research process, and there are in fact data-related aspects to think about from the very beginning to the end, from when you start planning your project to when you publish your research. In this video, you will get an introduction to the so-called life cycle of research data management, which contains all the topics that you will learn about later in this online course.

Transcript of video "The research data management life cycle" 

Lessons learned
  • The research data management life cycle contains all data-related steps during a research project.
  • The planning phase includes searching for existing data and writing a data management plan.
  • In the active phase, you collect, store, organise, document, and visualise your data, and do your analyses and interpretations of the results.  
  • In the final phase, you archive your data in a suitable data repository, as open as possible and as closed as necessary, and cite them in your research paper.
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