Good data management requires good planning. Data management involves several steps, from focusing and limiting the scope of data collection to deciding on collection methods and how to keep your data safe, and secure how to analyse and archive your data. And more. All these steps need to be planned well. That is what you do in your data management plan.

Note: This is an introduction to the Data Management Plan (DMP). The topic of DMPs is more comprehensively covered in Section 9: "How to write a Data Management Plan"

Transcript of video "How to write a DMP: What is a DMP?"

Lessons learned
  • The data management plan (DMP) will help you through your PhD project, and help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Remember to update your DMP as you move forward and gain new knowledge on the steps involved in your project.
  • In your DMP you should normally include, among other elements:
    • information on resource requirements,
    • responsibilities (within the project team),
    • methods you plan to use,
    • storage and backup plans,
    • and, if applicable, how to collect the necessary consent for how you will use the data.

Food for thought
Think about your own PhD project and the tasks you have ahead of you. Now imagine that you are informed that your funding is cut back significantly. How would you handle this challenge? How can you carry through your project with (significantly) less funding? Hint: Go through your DMP and try to identify elements where savings can be made.
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