The first step of any research project is to locate any relevant previously published research. This includes regular publications as well as research data. Don't waste your time reinventing the wheel! Start your project where others left off by accessing their results. In this video lecture you'll learn some of the basics in accessing research data and hear more about why accessing research data is a crucial first step of any research project.

Transcript of video "Accessing research data"

Lessons learned

  • Finding and accessing relevant research data, and assessing the methodologies used in collecting or generating them, is an important part of the research process and is something that should be done at an early stage of your project.
  • The same body of data can be used in a number of different studies, including in your own argumentation.
  • Accessing research data from earlier research projects, investigating their materials and methods and interpreting the results, may be of vital importance to your own research.

Stand on the shoulders of research data giants!

Food for thought
Have you searched for and been able to find data from previous projects that is (or might be) relevant to your own research? How did you perform the search? Have you investigated data and metadata from such datasets to decide whether the data may be reused in your project in any way? Formulate how you briefly would answer these questions, e.g. to your supervisor.