In this video, you'll be introduced to data search engines. These are powerful search engines that specialise in research data, and may be a great help for you to locate and access research data that is relevant to your research project. You'll be introduced to three of the major data search engines: 

* DataCite
* Google Dataset Search 

Transcript of video "Data search engines"
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Lessons learned

  • The data search engine is the principal tool for locating and accessing research data.
  • Different data search engines have different functionalities and may be better suited for certain purposes or areas of research.
  • How to use the data search engines DataCite, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), and Google Dataset Search.

Food for thought
Which data search engine is most widely used within your field of research? Search for datasets relating to your own research on at least two different data search engines. Where do you find most datasets relevant to your own research?
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