How do you safeguard your data in the process of collecting or generating data? How do you make sure your data are not lost? How do you classify your data, as open or confidential? What do you need to do if your data are confidential? These are among the issues you will learn about from this video.

Transcript of video "Storing Research Data"

Lessons learned 
  • Storing data properly will minimise the risk of data loss.
  • It is important to classify data according to sensitivity.
  • The sensitivity level for the data has implications for how the data can and must be stored.
  • Access to sensitive data must be kept confidential throughout the research process.
  • Use quality-assured storage systems for your data.
  • Be mindful of data transfer in the context of inter-institutional collaborations.
  • Using certain cloud services may see your data being subject to other jurisdictions.

Food for thought
How would the progress of your research project be affected if your laptop was stolen? 

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