In this video a gallery of visualisations are presented: we discuss typical examples but also common pitfalls for various types of data visualisations (x-y relationships, amounts, distributions, proportions, geospatial data, and trends and uncertainty).

Transcript of video "Data visualization: Gallery of visualizations"

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Lessons learned
  • Too many colours or different symbols may indicate that the plot type should be changed.
  • There is no commonly accepted standard for error bars: indicate how you define them.
  • Box-plots can hide important structure in data: there are often better alternatives.

Food for thought
  • What are histograms? What are bin widths? And how would you approach creating a histogram?
  • What are box-plots? Can you describe a possible problem with box-plots? How would you overcome this problem?
  • Pie charts are popular but why are they often problematic?
  • What are choropleth maps and what are their pitfalls?
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