In this video the lecturer will talk about how to make your data visualisations truly reproducible and reusable with the help of open-source software tools. 

Transcript of video "Reproducible and reusable plots"

Links used in video "Reproducile and reusable plots"

Lessons learned
  • Keep the FAIR principles in mind when working with data visualisation.
  • Document the visualisation pipeline, including code, text, equations, figures and plots in an open-source notebook.
  • Share these notebooks, preferably with a digital object identifier, to make the data visualisation pipeline reproducible and reusable.
Food for thought
Think about the data visualisation you present to others. How FAIR are your visualisations? And how can the FAIRness of your visualisations be improved? Things to consider: 
Where are my plotting scripts stored?
Can I provide others with access to my plotting scripts?
How can you I convert my scripts to an interoperable file and data format?
Can I reuse my visualisation pipeline for new data? 

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