When you plan to deposit data into a repository, you first need to prepare your files, your metadata, and your dataset Readme file. Once this is ready, you may start the deposit process. In this screencast, we show how this is done on the DataverseNO platform, more precisely in the institutional repository of UiT The Arctic University of Norway. While the various high-quality repositories may look different, the core actions presented here should be common to all of them:

  • Creation of dataset
  • Metadata registration
  • Files upload (including Readme file)
  • Dataset submission

The screencast does not show the steps after dataset submission, as this may vary more from one repository to another. However, if you are eager to learn more about how this might work, we encourage you to have a look at the DataverseNO userguide, section Deposit your data.

Transcript of video "Depositing a dataset in a repository"

Hey professor, we want your data!

When the DataverseNO platform was in its infancy, the RDM team at UiT The Arctic University of Norway invited senior researchers to participate in a project where they could get help archiving datasets from their entire academic career. One of the researchers was Professor emeritus Robert T. Barrett, who had collected data about seabirds and migratory birds for over 40 years. All of his data (close to 25 datasets) are now archived in UiT's institutional repository and are as such available to all. In this video, Professor Barrett introduces us to his research and explains how his data have been archived over the years.

Photo/editing: Karine Nigar Aarskog (UiT The Arctic University of Norway), licensed under CC BY 4.0

Transcript of video "Professor Rob Barrett and his data"

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