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  • ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility - Tureky and other non-EU countries

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    ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility Background Information

    Materials for use when the library has ERASMUS+ staff mobility visitors (=4-5 day visitors, mostly from other libraries)

  • Erasmus+ Summer Traineeship Information

    Erasmus+ funds summer traineeships for students. Here are the materials for those traineeships.

    • In summer 2017, NTK has hosted 3 students from Turkey. (Turkey is part of the program, to date.)
    • In summer 2018, NTK has hosted 3 students from Turkey. 

    Once each step is completed, send students scanned copies AND signed, print copies via library DHL (normal mail usually does not arrive properly).

  • Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

    To date, NTK has hosted 1 teaching mobility visitor. Duration, like staff mobility, is one week.

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